• The WarHams team rides into battle.
  • Reeb Van Horne lights heretics on fire, as he should.
  • Captain Zedek has a drink. He is the void's most interesting man.
  • Pi-Braine is quite possibly the worst prison warden you could have.
  • Lorn stands proudly amongst a group of purple flaming skulls.
  • Adorable versions of the WarHams 40K characters.
  • Pi-Braine pi-hards through some vents.
  • Reeb pores over books in his study.
  • Captain Zedek and Tater Tot take a few moments to relax, sitting in comfy spaces, reading.
  • Pi-Braine's conspiracy board has grown to epic proportions, and Lorn comes to talk to him about it.
  • The WarHams team, victorious.

WarHams 40,000 was a 30-episode show played in the “If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device” version of the Warhammer 40,000 universe using the Wrath & Glory game system. It featured ZoranTheBear, SpeakerD, HulkyKrow, and Earndil as players and OnCallGM as game master, and was a bespoke campaign created by OnCallGM in collaboration with TTS creator Alfabusa.

One of the pre-sessions and a special Orkisode were also aired.

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Lorn Barnes, an old Fenrisian psyker.

Lorn Barnes, Sanctioned Psyker

This shaman of Fenris was taken by the black ships to become a sanctioned psyker at a very late stage. Normally people found with psychic abilities would be brought to the imperium of man at a young age, but it seems someone forgot to mention Lorn.

Lorn is played by ZoranTheBear.

Pi-Braine, Skitarii Alpha Techpriest

Hailing from the oceanic Forgeworld of Lemuria, π-BRAINE is a brave, dauntless, and incredibly high strung mechanical warrior. Originally the designated Alpha of Skitarii unit ‘π-42a’, π-BRAINE received numerous commendations for his high slaughter efficiency rating (as well as several demerits for reckless endangerment). In spite of repeated admonishments, π’s service record was enough to give him the ultimate prize for a Skitarii– a rare chance to prove himself to the Cult Mechanicus. Given a probationary rank of ‘Explorator’ and seconded to the Officio Ambassadorum, π is strangely the sole Lemurian asset donated to the Crusade. Regardless, BRAINE is wholly committed to proving himself worthy of his new title and bringing glory to the name of Lemuria! Oh, and the mission too. I guess.

Pi-Braine is played by SpeakerD.

Pi-Braine, a skitarii.

Reeb Van Horne, complete with red hair and rosette.

Reeb Van Horne, Inquisitorial Acolyte

Fresh from the Orbital Research Platform above Gravaux, Reeb Van Horne is an affable medical savant whose primary purpose is keeping the fleshy components of his cohorts neatly secured to their skeletons. Outside of that, he mainly aims to keep them from making the mission harder than it needs to be, with varying levels of success.

Reeb Van Horne is played by Earndil.

Captain Zedek D. F. Mascadolce

Hailing from Hive Calvisius, Zedek Mascadolce is the owner and captain of the Debt Collector and is charged with ferrying his colleagues through the stars wherever and whenever they are summoned. While avidly trying to fill the shoes (and greatcoat) of his father, Zedek aims to live up to the mantle he’s inherited and make his own mark upon Imperial history – assuming his puns don’t get him killed first, of course.

Captain Zedek is played by HulkyKrow.

Captain Zedek, swarthy in his (father's) coat.