What is Narrative Declaration?

A team of TTRPG veterans, producers, writers, artists, and actors banded together to bring you streamed shows, new worlds to explore, ferocious monsters, magic items, an ever-present decaying malaise, and a rampaging bear.

The cast

Zoran the Bear (@ZoranTheBear)

ZoranTheBear is the Host of Narrative Declaration and a full-time content creator. For years Zoran has worked with companies to bring their creations to the public, belted lines in various theatre productions, and created multiple online shows with amazing and talented people.

He is always ready to tell you the next story. Or if you have your dice ready, have you be a part of it.

Thurston Hillman (@OnCallGM)

Thurston is the Rotgrind Game Master and Lead Creative Producer of the World of Tyne. From his home in the frozen Canadian tundra Thurston has built a career in tabletop RPG gaming, currently working as Digital Developer at Paizo Publishing. His bibliography is very long. He is a boisterous old man.

Thurston is also an avid wargamer and model painter, and has lost count of how many armies he has.


Earndil is a lead writer, voice actor, voice director, cat herder, Alfabusa wrangler, and accomplished chainsaw juggler for Ogre Poppenang Productions (blame Alfa for the name). He is a cat lover, Nurgle enthusiast, and plans to break into gamedev as soon as things stop killing him. Likes Pasta.


SpeakerD is a lead writer for ‘If The Emperor Had A Text-to-Speech Device’, ‘Hunter: The Parenting’, ‘Half-Life: Zero Viscosity’ and other Alfabusa projects. When not writing, he floats between space and time with the power of the Overmind. His Twitter is @SUPERSNAKEKICK and his name is a killing word. Speaker also really likes ‘Mage: The Ascension’ and is one of seven humans on Earth capable of running it.

SpeakerD is a man of mystery.


Odo does voices and art and is also cool.


HulkyKrow is a voice actor for If The Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device & WarHams, and is the acting Community Manager for Narrative Declaration. A spicy food enthusiast and consummate goofus, he dispenses wisdom and insanity in equal measures from his lukewarm hovel in the 716, and hopes to bring a smile to your wonderful faces.

The crew

Laura Pendl (@Skelebean)

Laura Pendl (Skelebean) is Narrative Declaration’s Art Director and lead illustrator. A professional comic artist, Skele uses her mad skills to produce some beautiful work.



A magnificent gal (and animator).

Jamie Isfeld (@ToTellStories) – she/they

When not feeding OnCallGM, Jamie is a web developer, comic artist, and maker of pretty things. Jamie provides support to the team by creating web stuff and PDFs and maps (and anything else that needs doing), and spends an unhealthy amount of time in the Narrative Declaration Discord #foodposting channel. Ask them about owning corpses!