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Five antiheroes have set out to fight the Demise.

Brought together by a grim variety of misfortune and arrest records, this intrepid band of chucklefucks will do their best to fight against the dying of the light, and to not die while doing it. The group is bound by mysterious forces, and will set out from the First City of Outset to see what difference they can make to the steadily encroaching end of the world.

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Rehua, the Anarchoclast

Played by HulkyKrow

Rehua is very new to this world, in every sense of the word. Despite his imposing and towering form, he attempts to greet every situation with intrigue and every person with kindness to the best of his understanding. Given that his social skills and knowledge were heavily influenced by a charlatan who came to be his first friend, this often gets him into hot water. All the same, he is he is insatiably curious and—as a living manifestation of the Anarchy—will experiment with the natural world constantly.

Baldric, the Alchemist

Played by Earndil

Years upon years of education, a knack for alchemical brilliance, and a good reputation within his tightly knit community in Outset. These were the things Baldric felt hurt him the worst when he was unfairly implicated in a horrendous crime, to which he was not responsible. All his efforts, torched like a rice-paper banner over a brazier. Baldric was a patsy, a disposable citizen of the decaying city whom the Tyrants’ Guild needed to cover up their prodigious corruption. Unlike most however, Baldric wasn’t going to take this mistreatment sitting down.

Now Baldric leads his one-man crusade to burn the government corruption from the heart of Outset. Though he knows not what to replace it with, that is not his concern, he is simply weedkiller. To him, there can be no half-measures when rooting out corruption, no consideration to the stability of the broken system surrounding it, and no quarter to those who would violate the sanctity and safety of any one person. Despite this grim aura, he remains as affable as possible to his allies, and righteously indignant as possible to his enemies, though determining which is which at any given moment his hard, on account of his seemingly permanent monotone cadence.

Tannhauser, the Metal Anachronism

Played by SpeakerD

Tannhauser’s life began as a slave, but his great intellect and inclinations toward brutality saw him rise to a place of glory. Yet, still a slave, he sought escape from his indentured fate. He escaped and travelled to Outset, where he found a peaceful life, a new love, and a job in academia. After an ‘accident’ that took away that life, however, his rebuilt metal form now seeks revenge on those who wronged him, regardless of the violence it may bring.

Vaali, the Pirate

Played by Odoroshi

Vaali is a charismatic leader who no longer leads anyone thanks to the traitorous actions of her former crew. Now, her focus is on regaining her ship and gaining further fame and infamy. A sylph hailing from lands far from the city of Outset, her life is shrouded in (somewhat intentional) mystery.

Oran, the Avian Druid

Played by ZoranTheBear

Adventuring isn’t new for Oran: his role as storm seeker was always sought after by sailors and various tribes that surround his mountain home. These journeys would have Oran visit distant forests for either hunting or trade, or across the sea to help captains navigate around dangerous storms. Oran and his original group of companions had set out to find something precious that was stolen from them, but instead, they were jailed for false crimes. Now he waits for judgment with wings clipped and tattered, companions dead, wondering if he might ever return to his homeland.