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There are heroes, there are antiheroes, and then… there are goons.

This adventure will take our band of chuckleheads through the Pawn’s Pilaster in Outset, deep near the Sinkhole where gangs battle for supremacy, citizens in alleyways wait in ambush, and the dwellings everyone lives in hang on via ramshackle wooden huts and old infrastructure over the endless pit below.

Enjoy the show!

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Game Master

Zoran the Bear (@ZoranTheBear)

ZoranTheBear is the Host of Narrative Declaration and a full-time content creator. For years Zoran has worked with companies to bring their creations to the public, belted lines in various theatre productions, and created multiple online shows with amazing and talented people.

He is always ready to tell you the next story. Or if you have your dice ready, have you be a part of it.


An illustration of a small green kobold with large yellow eyes and a little bowtie.


Played by @FroggyLoch

Grey Crocus

Played by @partydemoness


Played by @SaltyJub


Played by @Kabhaal