Arnold Fleischmann (Arno)

A witch hunter in service of the Church of Sigmar.

Arno is played by Earndil.

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Barin Stackwall

Owner of the Stackwall Mine, Barin is on a quest to get it back after it was stolen from him by (what he claims are) skaven.

His dog Nugget is the bestest boi who deserves all the pets.

Barin (and Nugget) is played by ZoranTheBear.

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A smart, shrewd elf of noble birth who set out to earn a place for himself.

Mercurion is played by SpeakerD.

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Zilyana Stonebloom (Zilly)

An elf whose heart is as big as her statuesque form. She and Mercurion are childhood friends.

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The best boi.