For the past 300 years, the world of Tyne has wasted away.

No single cataclysmic war, great plague, or invasion from realms beyond is responsible. Instead, the world has simply stagnated and withered as its greatest nations fall to hubris and indolence. Those few people who openly acknowledge this decaying state call it the Rot or the Demise, a term which equally applies to a malignant corruption that spreads across the world. The gods refuse to help, and instead entrust the salvation of this dying planet to the would-be heroes of this era of slow death.

Why adventure in such a grim world? For some, it’s the chance to challenge the Rot that takes its hold on the planet. For others, it is the opportunity to laugh in the face of the coming change and make one’s mark in what many believe to be the end of all things.

Rot is behind everything

A core concept of the world is that everything is in a state of decay thanks to the Rot. Nations crumble under their own respective problems, not to mention the pressure of outsiders. Cities, including the great metropolis of Outset, have long ignored necessary upkeep, and entire sections collapse without warning. Even Tyne’s people, including the world’s most prominent leaders, have succumbed to dark desires or outsider temptations that now consume them from the inside.

Some still fight the demise

While the world of Tyne is dying its slow death, countless people in the world struggle to keep the planet going. Though some have let the Rot into their souls and willingly accept the world’s coming death, others stand opposed to the decline and do what they can to push through change and act as beacons of hope for others.

The Tyne world map.

What makes the setting unique?

There are several elements that make the World of Tyne stand-out from other settings. All of this (and more) will get new and unique rules content that you can use in running your own games in the setting or your own custom campaigns!

The Rot

The concept of Rot is integral to the campaign setting and over the past 300 years has spread across the world. Rot appears in the setting as a corruption that takes root in all things, inevitably exerting some sort of alien influence over them. In game terms, Rot is a bespoke damage type that operates alongside existing types of damage (such as fire, lawful, mental, poison, and others) and has unique interactions with various rules elements. In addition, the rotten condition is a new condition that directly represents the growth of Rot in a creature, both physically and spiritually.

Death & Sponsors

In a world that’s dying, it can be hard for adventurers to stand against the threats arrayed against them for too long. Luckily, some divine powers, as well as other esoteric forces, grant their blessings to those who struggle against the Rot. These sponsors grant heroes and villains alike the uncanny ability to return from death and continue the fight. However, such transcendence of the normal process of life and death takes its toll on those who make such journeys. Such miraculous returns from death allow the Rot to take root in those restored.

A technological revolution

The appearance of the Rot has forced the nations of the world to adapt in face of the world’s end. In the past two centuries, nations have unleashed new technology to stymie the Demise. From airships that enable travel and trade between continents to firearms ranging from pistol to siege weaponry, every land develops its own innovations to keep itself relevant. Rumors persist of some nations that have developed radical solutions to the spread of the Rot, such as warriors encased in golem-armor or some utilizing undead components in creating unique weapons.

You can adventure in Tyne with your friends

The World of Tyne is a bespoke setting designed for Pathfinder Second Edition (P2E). By supporting our Patreon, you’ll get access to monsters, lore, world information, items, weapons, and more to use in your games.